If you are a raw novice when it comes to deep-sea fishing, you have come to the right place, as we list the essential items that you will need to prepare. The first step would be to check with deep-sea fishing charter websites to see what is available; the key to a successful fishing session depends heavily on the boat and the skipper.

Here are some of the items you should prepare.

  • Waterproof jacket – A lightweight waterproof jacket (with hood), in case there is a swell, windy conditions are common and seasoned anglers wear a plastic suit over their clothing for complete protection.
  • Suitable hat – A hat or cap to protect you from the strong sunlight; a baseball cap is fine. When you book a Merimbula fishing charter, check their website for what to wear and you will be well-prepared.
  • Sunscreen – All exposed areas of skin should be protected, even though there is a breeze, your skin can still get burnt. Sunburn is very painful, so do take care.
  • Motion sickness medication – Take the tablet about one hour prior to leaving the harbour; the crew are not permitted to carry medication and if you unsure about your sea legs, it is best to take some medication.
  • Footwear – Your shoes or boots should have good grip, as the deck will be wet at times. Of course, it is always safety first and there may be times when you have to bring in your line.
  • Fishing tackle & bait – The charter company covers the cost of all the equipment (rod, reel and end tackle), plus they have a range of fresh bait options. The friendly crew are there to help in any way they can; they are happy to bait up your hook and give you a few tips.
  • Polaroid sunglasses – A decent pair of UV400 rated polarised sunglasses are ideal for sea fishing. There is a lot of glare reflected from the water surface, which can impact your fishing experience.
  • Waterproof bag for digital devices – There is time to get a few stunning photos before you reach the fishing area; take a sealable plastic bag to protect your smartphone. Indeed, anything you want to keep dry you can slip into the pouch and wear it round your neck.

If you are planning to fish on the Sapphire Coast, start by searching online for deep-sea fishing charters in Merimbula and find out more about the experience.