When it has been a while since your last holiday, and you have decided to head to beautiful Phuket for a holiday, you may want to spoil yourself with some luxury while you are there. When looking for a 5-star resort, Phuket has many options available, and the cost of them may surprise you as they are significantly cheaper than in many countries worldwide. Below are some tips to help you select the best resort for your trip and ensure you enjoy some luxury when visiting Phuket on holiday.

Look At What You Want To Do

Before looking at the many 5-star resorts in Phuket, you will want to determine what you want to see and do while you are there. You can use many websites to help you with this, such as hotels.com or Trip Advisor, and you can also see ratings and reviews left by previous visitors. Once you know what you want to see and do, you can select an area of Phuket that is central to the attractions and sights you want to visit, making travelling much easier for you.

Decide What You Want

You can stay in a private villa close to the beach or enjoy a luxurious suite in the hotel with a stunning view. Whatever you want, there are suitable options available in Phuket. You can have a private pool with a butler service and enjoy all the facilities and amenities you would expect in a luxurious resort. Ensure the resort you choose also has a spa, and you can pamper yourself with a daily massage and other treatments to help you relax and enjoy the luxury.

Looking At The Available Options

Once you know the best area for your needs and the type of accommodation you want, you can begin looking at the available 5-star resorts for your chosen dates. There are many websites where you can compare the different resorts and their prices, and you will want to shop around to try and get the best deal possible. You can also try contacting the resorts directly and see if they offer any special discounts that you cannot get online. Some hotels will allow you to get free nights when staying for a specific number of nights, so you do not pay for the entire duration of your stay.

You can now book your chosen resort and your flights and get ready to pack your suitcase and enjoy the holiday of a lifetime staying in luxury in beautiful Phuket.