As our daily news and factual documentaries continue to the show the knock-on effects of greenhouse gases on the planet’s ozone layer it is becoming increasingly important to be aware of our own carbon footprint. There are various ways to offset the carbon output generated by going on your vacation, you could engage one of the many companies now planting trees and funding sustainable energy or become involved in conservation projects and practice the reduction methods in your own home. At the other end of your holiday’s journey, you can also choose a hotel or resort which actively practices a sustainable operation. To highlight this, I would like to pick out some fantastic eco-conscience resorts in southern Thailand with green hotel options in Khao Lak, Phuket and Ko Samui and how they minimise their impact on the planet.

What Can They Do?

Hotels and resorts can actively practice sustainability and lessen their effect on global warming in a number of different ways which include –

  • Waste management – By recycling and limiting single use products they can reduce the amount of waste ending up in landfills or being burnt.
  • Water Recycling – Organic systems that filter wastewater can allow its reuse in gardens, ponds, and other areas.
  • Wildlife Conservation – Hotels can partner with local experts to minimise their impact and encourage the species present on their property.
  • Tree Management – Employing Arborists or training staff can maintain their mature trees in the correct way, so they continue to absorb carbon.

By having these types of processes in place and maintaining good links with their local communities’ hotels can form a successful sustainability programme.

Finding A Green Hotel

Resorts are now very keen to state their green credentials, take a look at their websites as these often include a section on what processes they have in place. There is an amazing wealth of choice when looking at accommodation in Thailand’s favourite destinations and some of the better eco-friendly hotels are:

  • Merlin Resort Khao Lak – This stunning beachside resort in the quieter area of Khao Lak is set in pristine actively managed tropical rainforest and has multiple recycling and wildlife programmes in place.
  • Keemala, Phuket – This amazing all-pool villa resort is tucked away on the island’s western coast, the sites ecological design minimises its impact on the surrounding forest, and it has organic gardens suppling its kitchens.
  • Six Senses, Koh Samui – Sat on isolated headland in the northeast of the island this fantastic resort features ecologically friendly villas in managed woodlands, the resort has its own farm and has been internationally recognised for its green credentials.

These are just three of the many superb resorts now actively practicing sustainable programmes, do you bit for the environment and stay in one of these great hotels when you next take a holiday.