We can say that train travel is the best without any debate or discussion. That is why trains are generally preferred for short to long-distance journeys. Around 13000 trains run daily in India, transporting 22 million passengers who book from travel apps every day. The charm of sitting by the window turns even an adult into a child. That is eating ten things a day with different varieties, drinking 2 to 3 cups of tea, and then sleeping on the most sponge mattress ever. The comfort of train travel is entirely different from any other mode of travel.

To get your train tickets, you need to wait in line, and god forbid if it is the time of vacation or Diwali, and forget if you will get any reserved seats. So we will be forever thankful for the train booking apps that provide real-time data so that we can quickly check whether there are any spots left or not.

  1. Get updated real-time information.

-PNR status, PNR number

-Obtain a live train running status to check where is my train

-Seat Availability with Prediction of Confirmation

-View the Most Up-To-Date Timetable for Special Trains

  1. Instant refund and free cancellation

You no longer need to sacrifice a percentage of your train ticket with a train app. In case of any booking cancellations or failures, the travelers can redeem 100% of the booking amount to re-book or book in the coming future and transfer the amount directly into the bank account. Travelers can get an instant refund on train tickets within 24 hours, and there will be no cancellation charges.

  1. Customer care support

The FAQs section will solve almost all queries of yours, and if you need any further assistance, you can contact customer service by contacting them, and almost at all times, you will get a swift response.

  1. Smart tools

A train app also includes:

  • Tools for checking train running status.
  • PNR prediction.
  • Setting Booking Alerts and Station Alarms.
  • Making IRCTC food bookings and more.

It effectively satisfies all passenger requirements with a single app.

  1. Multilingual

These train booking apps are available in multiple languages to cater services to everyone.

Apart from the above main reasons to book train tickets from the train booking app, the features below are extremely useful when using such apps.

  • In case you are worried about missing our station, then there is a feature that could be the use yours, which is station alarm, with the help of station alarm you can set the alarm for the concerned station and it will remind up to get off.
  • If you are running low on money and need to go somewhere urgently, then there is good news for you. Train booking apps have partnered with apps that provide buy now pay later programs through which you can divide your ticket fees into EMI to pay back later.

These apps are super easy to navigate and convenient, so give them a go when booking your next train journey.