If you are looking for a fantastic holiday destination suitable for all the family, you may want to consider going to Phuket in beautiful Thailand. It is simple to find a kids’ friendly resort in Phuket, and there are many options available that can help ensure that everyone in your family has a memorable holiday. Below are some tips to help you plan the ideal holiday in Phuket and ensure you have plenty to see and do and somewhere luxurious to stay.

Find A Fantastic Place To Stay

There are many excellent hotels in Phuket and Thailand, and there is something to suit all tastes and budgets. You can stay in 5-star luxury in a Thai hotel for a lot less than you would pay in our home country, enabling you to choose a luxurious resort for you and your family. You can splash out and stay in a private villa with a private swimming pool or one located on the beach. The Trip Advisor website is an excellent tool to help you find a luxurious place to stay for you and your family, and you can also use it to plan your activities.

Planning What You Will Do While In Phuket

You can also use the Trip Advisor website and similar ones to plan what you and your family will do while in Phuket. Whether you want to go to a water park, explore the islands on a private boat, or visit an elephant sanctuary to see some wildlife, there are lots of things to see and do in Phuket. You can also use the websites to book our excursions or wait until you arrive and do it through your resort or visit a travel agent.

Selecting When Best To Go To Phuket

Once you know where you want to stay and what you want to see and do while in Phuket, you will need to choose when to go. There are three different seasons in Phuket, ad the most popular time to go is between November and February when the weather is not as hot. Prices are more expensive at this time of year, and there is less availability, so you need to plan your trip early. The Thai summer is from March to May when the weather is its hottest, but there are fewer tourists, and prices are lower. You can also decide to go during the rainy season, which is an affordable time of year, and you can get a couple of hours of rain each day, but it still gets hot and sunny.