Visiting remote areas lets you see the beauty of parts of the world untouched by humans. From mountains to the coast, there are areas around the world where you can see natural beauty, but if you want to see really unspoilt areas, you have to head to remote places. Anywhere that’s hard to reach will have smaller crowds and be peaceful, but what if you don’t like hiking and camping? Here’s how to see remote areas without roughing it.

Travel in comfort

When it comes to hiring a car, opt for a 4X4 and you can drive to remote places and go off-road. This will allow you to follow the small, winding roads that you find in many remote areas, and while you should be careful to only drive places where it’s legal to take a car, you can cut down on the amount of walking you need to do.

Take organised tours

While you may want to get out to remote areas on your own, organised tours can be better because:

  • Going to remote areas is safer
  • You get driven to the best sites
  • Tour guides are knowledgeable and know the best places to go
  • You ride on a coach or small bus, so don’t have to cram onto public transport

Overall, it’s usually much more comfortable to go on an organised tour to see a place than try to travel yourself, and many smaller tour companies offer trips off the beaten track.

Book comfortable accommodation

Traveling to remote areas doesn’t mean you have to stay in a tent. In fact, you can often find beautiful Southern Highlands accommodation that has all the comforts of home and more, yet gives you beautiful views. Many homes are available in remote locations, from beachfronts to mountainsides, and even popular sightseeing spots, so once the tourists go home, you get to stay in a beautiful, peaceful area.

Going to a remote area doesn’t mean you are stuck sleeping under the stars. Although camping is a lot of fun, it’s not for everyone, and most people don’t like to do long hikes for more than a day. However, there are usually other options to get to remote locations, from hiring an off-road vehicle to an organised tour, and once you arrive, you don’t have to sleep in a tent. You can hire a home and be comfortable, or even enjoy all-out luxury during your stay.