If you are the parent of a couple of teenage kids, we know how you feel; managing to maintain a relationship with your kids can be tough when you work all hours and leaving them with time on their hands could lead to meeting the wrong types. The school summer holiday is close to 2 months, which is a very long time to fill with thins to see and do; you certainly don’t want your kids vegging at home and playing online games and if you are stuck for ideas regarding your kids next summer, there are solutions in the form of adventure student trips to Europe.

Sustainable Travel

This is a concept whereby the carbon footprint of the tour is measured and steps are taken to further reduce emissions by planting trees and working on sustainable farms. With the help of the group leaders, the students are shown how to calculate the carbon emission when a group of 35 people fly to another continent, taking everything into account and this helps the youngsters grasp a better understanding of the climate crisis we are all facing. Every trip involves planting at least 5 trees per person, while some expeditions are focused on sustainable agriculture.

Character Building

This is no 5-star luxury holiday, rather the students and the group leaders work together to make the trip work, with a lot of responsibility to shoulder. The students actively assist with every aspect and are given some challenging learning objectives, which they must reach. If your child has leadership potential, this expedition would reveal that and with the right support, these essential skills can develop naturally.

Sports Tours

Whatever sport your kids are into, there will likely be tours, both in the UK and abroad; the best time to book is now, as these expedition tours are very popular, especially team sports like football and rugby. When you send your teenage kids off to a football tour with a difference, you can rest assured that they are learning a lot and having fun at the same time. Professional coaches steer the youngsters in the right direction, helping them to learn new skills and develop every aspect of their game.

Environmental Protection

There are many projects that protect our current natural environment; the next generations need to learn more about climate change and what exactly is happening with high carbon emissions. Sustainable farming projects are always running and it is preferable to mix ages, which brings diversity to the group.