You have probably stayed in many different kinds of hotels over your lifetime and you seem equally happy in a guesthouse or a low end hotel because it’s all you know and so you don’t have any experience of anything else. Maybe it’s time that you started to take care of yourself for a change instead of spending all of your money and time on other people and so you need to reward yourself with a luxury stay in a four-star hotel. The downside to staying in a luxury establishment such as this is that you may find it very difficult to go back to what you have been used to for these many years.

If you get the opportunity to stay in a 4 star hotel in Phuket (known as รีสอร์ท 4 ดาวในภูเก็ต in Thai), it is something that you should welcome with open arms because you never know when you’re going to get another chance to do it again. You may be thinking to yourself that it is going to be very expensive to stay in such an establishment but you would be pleasantly surprised at how affordable they really are and you will find that it is money well spent. If you still have to be convinced about why you should stay in a luxury four-star hotel then maybe the following can help you to make a smarter choice when it comes to your next vacation.

  1. Enjoy the extra services – You will be provided with services that you never knew existed in the first place. Once you arrive at your four-star hotel, you will be greeted with an arrival drink that will be some kind of cocktail that uses local fruits to provide you with a very fresh experience. When you get your room, you could be greeted by some chocolate on your pillow and some fresh flowers in the vase beside your bed.
  2. Spa facilities – Many people go on vacation and come back two weeks later feeling more tired than they wear when they first went on holiday. This is not a mistake that you want to make and you must use this time effectively so that you are well rested and ready to take life by the reins when you get back. This is why it is incredibly important that you enjoy the spa facilities at your four-star hotel which will include swimming pool, Thai massage and a multitude of other things.

These are only two of the reasons why you really do need to treat yourself and your family to the four-star experience and once you get a taste of it, it is unlikely that you will be able to go back to low end guesthouses or hotels again.