When you go to a Phuket water park, you will find a destination with sports, entertainment, and events that is different from anywhere else. Your family can play in the water, try cliff jumping, ride the zipline, and more. They have a kids’ planet where children are safe, and there is all kinds of food. You can also enjoy sports and outdoor activities, including the aquatic center.

Activities to Try

When you buy Phuket water park tickets for adults, there are different activities that you can enjoy. You can find a range of yoga classes offered at different times throughout the day. They also have lagoon and water activities, such as beach tennis, beach soccer, aqua dance, and the super fly challenge. There are many different sports for you to enjoy. In addition, there are Muay Thai classes and forest activities that include mountain biking, a skate park, weight training, and more.

Visit the Lifestyle Village

The Lifestyle Village has charming buildings in vibrant colors, and you can enjoy the heritage of Old Town Phuket. You can shop for souvenirs, look for the latest fashions, and enjoy the jewelry in shops. You really can find anything you want or need in the Lifestyle Village. They also have a Kasama Studio, an Immigration Office, and a fitness center. You can find sweets in the sweet shop, and stop by the Island Magic Concept Boutique.

Enjoy the Water Park

When you go to the water park, there are dozens of activities, slides, and games to enjoy. The Lagoon is popular, with the Pinnacle located right in the middle. You can go to the top of the cliff and see 360 degrees around. Then, you can jump into the crystal blue waters. The Super Fly ramps are also exciting. There are four different ramps, and you catapult from the cannon six to ten meters in the air.

They also have a zipline that lets you swoop across the Crystal Blue Tree Lagoon. Next, you can try out the Ninja Warrior course, with monkey bars, the torso swap, the salmon ladder, quad steps, the jump bag, a spinning log, and more. If you are looking for a challenge, this is sure to be a favorite.